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NDEO Gives Thanks For All #ThankADanceTeacher Donors! 
Thanks to the gifts of our generous donors, the #ThankADanceTeacher campaign of 2014-15 is providing professional development scholarships to deserving dance educators. As a token of our appreciation and as part of our commitment to transparency, the National Dance Education Organization has created this registry to honor all those who have donated and to also serve as a virtual memorial to dance teachers past and present.
It's never too late to give! If you would like to give to this campaign and add your name and the name of your dance teacher(s) to this registry, click here. Your gift will help more deserving dance educators receive the training they need to invest back into the field and make our impact as a whole that much greater.

 #ThankADanceTeacher Donors (2014-2015): 
Kay Rediers with gratitude to Barbara Selinger, Paula Kramer, William Evans
David C. Copeland with gratitude to Ron Daniels
Erica Sigal with gratitude to Gloria Castano
Hannah Park with gratitude to Sarah Hilsendager
Patricia Reedy in recognition of Vera Embree
Shannon Dooling in honor of Graham Lustig
Georgia Ortega with gratitude to Jody White and William Evans
Daniel Lewis in memory of Jose Limon 
Susan Gingrasso with gratitude to Ann Hutchinson Guest, James Stanley Moore
Kelly Berick with gratitude to Kaye Davis
Melissa Greenblatt with gratitude to Karen Bradley
Lauren Beasley with thanks to USM Dance Faculty, Melinda Leigh, Anna White
Meredith Galvin with gratitude to Angie Brizuela, Fran Atlas-Lara, Diane Price
Paula Bryne with thanks to Eleanor Rubino
Anne Dunkin with thanks to Ethel Butler
Lori Provost with thanks to Raymond Lukens
Solveig Olsen Santillano with gratitude to Corvino family, William Evans, George Russell
Arianne MacBean in honor of Doug Nielsen


Elizabeth McPherson with thanks to Alfredo Corvino, Andra Corvino, Ernesta Corvino


Victoria Kroll with thanks to Joanne Ballack, Cathy Larson


Kaitlyn Edwards with thanks to Nancy Moses, Gay Barboza, BSU Dance


Kristin Kusanovich in honor of JoAnn Black, Louise Connors, Peggy West, Janet Nunes Gerth
Clarence Brooks with gratitude to Williams Evans, Marcus Schulkind, Kathleen Grant, Nikki Singer, Jo Rowan


Connie Bergstein Dow in recognition of Julie Sunderland
Rima Faber with gratitude to Anna Sokolow, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham

Shananne Miller Lewis in honor of Jennifer Jackson Schneider
Vicky Ann Clark with gratitude to the late Jeanne Rene, Jackie Nuttal, Aaron Wood
Susan Taylor Lennon in memory of Anzia Arsenault
Selene Carter in memory of Anna Paskevska
Karen Bond in memory of Hanny Exiner 
Danielle Aleman-Kimble with gratitude to Dr. Luke Kahlich
Dr. Gretchen McLaine with gratitude to all of my former teachers and mentors
Jamey Garner with thanks to Michele Rusinko


Nancy Dennis in honor of Evelyn Erving, Maggie Dennis

Cate Mease Martin with gratitude to Lynda Davis, Carol Welton Kelly

Kelly Sheppard with thanks to Miss Lorraine, Miss Suzanne, Gretchen & Kristin


Cheryl Downey with gratitude to all of my dance teachers
Cheryl Palonis Adams with gratitude to Kathryn G. Ellis
Anne Green Gilbert with gratitude to Sandra Robertson Norton, Barbara Lacy, Martha Nishitani
Sara King with gratitude to Sharlene Sabonis

Talia Light Rake with gratitude to Arianne McBean, Angelina Attwell

Barbara Teague with gratitude to Andrew Jannetti, David Harris, Martha Graham

Geraly Unite-O'Day with thanks to Paul Overton, Sharon Ashe


Ashley Ghose with thanks to Maxine Debruyn, Linda Graham, Steven Iannacone

Sherrie Barr with thanks to my many students from whom I am continually learning!

Cynthia J. Williams in honor of Kathyanne Guy, Jan Hurst, Don Halquist, Kitty Daniels
Cynthia J. Williams in honor of William Evans
Jeanne Traxler with thanks to Ellen Moore, Louis Falco, Marcus Schulkind

*There were many other donors who contributed to this campaign and wish to remain anonymous. All donors listed above have given NDEO permission for each listing.

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