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Advocacy Overview

One of NDEO’s primary goals is to strengthen the national voice and vision for dance by advocating for dance education centered in the arts. As the largest dance education membership organization in the country, we are working to establish a national perception of dance as a vital and accessible art form, and of dance education as a necessary component of education for all children. 

NDEO's four primary advocacy activities are:

  • Developing and strengthening networks at the national level with federal and state agencies, arts and education associations, businesses, corporations and philanthropic foundations.
  • Advocating for dance education centered in the arts by supporting and conducting dance education research.
  • Communicating and disseminating information within the dance education community and general population. 
  • Encouraging and supporting local, state, and federal policies and legislation which advance dance as arts education.

As an advocate for dance and dance arts education, NDEO seeks to influence policy and resource allocation decisions within the federal government. Along with liaisons and partnering organizations, NDEO participates in setting the national agenda for arts education, defining the significant issues, developing strategic plans, and drafting legislation and policy recommendations.

NDEO's commitment to dance education has launched systematic change at local, state, and national levels. The advocacy tools NDEO utilizes to influence change and impact policy are available on this site for members to use in their own advocacy efforts. 

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