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Behind the Curtain: Let OPDI Help You Secure More ...

Shannon Dooling

New on NDEO's Behind the Curtain Blog….Let OPDI Help You Secure More Funding!

Learn more about the upcoming OPDI course M5: Writing Successful Dance Funding Proposals, which gives dance educators the knowledge and skills needed to write proposals for grants and other funding opportunities.

Why should you choose this course over other professional development in grant writing? According to instructor Jane Bonbright, “The instructor and students only focus on dance, and we have decades of experience in private and public education and performance. Other courses are generic and know little about the dance field so they are poor advisers regarding the grant's content, needs, methodology, outcomes, and measurements for success.”

Invest in yourself by taking this 6 week mini course, and develop the skills needed to write the funding proposals that will inspire donors and funders to invest in your dance project or program! Read the post and learn more here.