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Hello NDEO Members,


As a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Dance Education (JODE), I am writing to various NDEO forums to inquire about the kinds of articles that you—the readership—would be interested in. In a recent survey the board received feedback for suggested topics from a few readers, but I am hoping to hear from a larger segment of NDEO members. I will take what I learn from you and present it to the JODE board at the NDEO meeting in November.


Please let me know in which sectors of dance you work, and the types of article and topics you would find useful, and why. The more information, the better. Send your responses to:


Thank you,

Robin Collen

JODE Reviews Editor



Robin Collen, PhD, CMA

Professor, SUNY Potsdam

Department of Theatre and Dance 315.267.2234/228 PAC

Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences 315.267.2230/106 Dunn Hall