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Wiggle Genius (Integrated Dance Website)

Julie White

I am excited to announce the recent launch of my website on integrated dance in the K12 classroom. This website ( is the result of three years of residency work modeling integrated dance instruction and leading professional development workshops over a three year period in the Gulf South region. I was privileged to work with over 100 K12 classroom teachers, 5000 of their students, and in partnership with numerous arts and education organizations, university, and community programs. Wiggle Genius seeks to be a "one stop location" for teachers to learn how to create, instruct, manage, assess (their students and themselves as teachers in this type of lesson), and advocate for integrated dance in their classrooms. Six video tutorials on this process and the supporting elements involved in it, standards-based written lesson and unit plans in distinct academic subjects and for specific grade bands, assessment tools, and additional resources from fellow experts in the field are a part of the site. Wiggle Genius has the potential to inspire our K12 colleagues to become informed and passionate dance advocates along with us, and above all, will assist them in learning how to immediately and effectively implement dance into their instruction. The website is one of a few that is comprehensive in its information and approach to teaching teachers and is simultaneously FREE of charge, making it affordable to everyone and accessible to all. Please consider sharing this with those you feel might benefit from it. May all teachers -- and each of their students -- become a wiggle genius!