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Reg. by Sept. 1st for OPDI-111a/b Dance History - ...

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OPDI Fall 2017 Courses - Register and Pay for the OPDI 111a/b Dance History courses by September 1, 2017 if you plan to add-on the 3 undergraduate credits from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  

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OPDI-111a/b: Dance History: Global, Cultural, and Historical Considerations 
Professor: Patricia Cohen; 3 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs*; 12 weeks if you take both parts
  • OPDI-111a (Part 1) (September 11- October 22) - Tuition is $285 - You can take just this 6 week course for a broad overview or continue with 111b for a more in-depth overview. This course is a pre-requisite for 111b. If you plan to take both sections, please sign up for 111a and 111b at the same time.
  • OPDI-111b (Part 2) (October 23, December 3) - Tuition is $215 - You must complete OPDI-111a first before taking OPDI-111b.
^3 Undergraduate Credits available from University of North Carolina / Greensboro (UNCG course # DCE 206) for additional $450 but you must register and PAY for both 111a and 111b at same time and no later than Sept. 1st.
This course (in its two parts) provides an overview of dance history in cultural and historical context, from its earliest documentation (pre-historic times) to current practices, including the emergence of new dance forms through transmigration (e.g. Kathak to Flamenco, Clogging to Tap, Gumboot to Stepping). Global in its perspective, the course equally emphasizes Western and Non-Western dance forms. Using context as its primary lens, the course covers theatrical, folk and social forms of dance in socio-economic, religious, and political environments. The effects of culture on what and how we dance and the corresponding influence of dance on its society will also be explored.  Two books required: Vissicaro, P. (2004) Studying Dance Cultures around the World. Dubuque, IA. Kendall/Hunt. Dils, A. and Albright, A. (2001). Moving History/Dancing Cultures. Middletown, CT. Wesleyan University Press.

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