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Deadline 1-31-19 to Register for OPDI-101, 116, M1...
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NDEO's Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) - Spring 2019 Semester - Deadline 1-31-19

If you are a current OPDI student and want to take one of our Spring 2019 courses, the deadline to register and pay is this Thursday, 1-31-19, for the four courses listed below. 

If you are not an OPDI student, but want to take one of these courses, then you will need to complete the OPDI Application first before registering for a course.

To view the OPDI webpage, go to

OPDI-101: Introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA) (February 4 to April 28, 2019)
Professor: Patricia Cohen; Tuition $500*; 3 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs; 12 weeks This course offers an introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA). It will deepen the student’s understanding of standards and give them the tools to apply them in their daily teaching environments. The PTSDA provides eight industry standards for teaching dance. Within some of the standards, students will explore examples of other teacher’s portfolio items that provide evidence of mastery of that particular standard. Students will reflect on how they teach and how they can improve their teaching and the overall experience for their students. Given this deep reflection, it is suggested that registrants for this course have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience. These PTSDA “teaching standards” are different than the recently launched National Core Arts Standards in Dance. The PTSDA is focused on what the “teacher” should know and be able to do regardless of dance genre taught or environment where dance is taught.  They are applicable to teachers in private studios, colleges/universities, community centers, and K-12, while the new National Core Arts Standards in Dance (referenced above) are focused on what the student should know and be able to do based on four artistic processes.  


OPDI-116: Harkness Center for Dance Injuries: The Applied Science of Dancer Health and Injury Prevention

(February 4 to April 28, 2019)

Professors: Marijeanne Liederbach with Joshua Honrado, Kristen Stevens, and William Zinser; Tuition $500; 3 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs; 12 weeks; Dance educators in every genre of dance serve a myriad of student populations. The goal of this evidenced-based course is to present you, the dance educator, with key principles of overall health in a way that will allow you to critically interpret the information, apply it to your dance education setting, and formulate a dance injury prevention plan of action in your teaching practice. Participants will explore the relationship, or spectrum, between overall health and dance injuries in order to consider what a dance injury prevention plan of action would include in any given environment. Topics covered will include physical, psychodynamic, and environmental factors; motor skill development; strength and conditioning principles; common dance injuries and their formal nomenclature; common myths about injury and training; adolescent dancer health; basic functional anatomy/biomechanics and nutrition; and teacher self-care.  Upon analyzing the course material, participants will design an action plan for their students and receive feedback from Harkness Center for Dance Injuries (HCDI) clinicians. At the end of this course, students will demonstrate knowledge of what factors constitute overall health and how they can use this knowledge to develop and deepen their own teaching practices, regardless of educational setting.  It is strongly encouraged but not required that prior to engaging in this course, that participants have previously taken NDEO’s OPDI-110 Dance Kinesiology and Applied Teaching Practice or another anatomy/kinesiology course. Required Materials: Lectures from HCDI’s DanceMedU online learning platform ($75). These will be ordered during the 5th week of the course.   


OPDI-M1: Dance Pedagogy - Learning Styles and Theories (February 4 to March 3, 2019)

Professor:  Susan McGreevy-Nichols; Tuition $190; 1 NDEO-Endorsed CEU; 4 weeks; This Mini Course explores some of the educational theories that dance educators apply in the classroom and studio. A working knowledge of this material allows students to develop a tool kit of teaching approaches, which serves the educational needs of the students in their studios and classrooms. Each theory is accompanied with specific applications, usable in all teaching environments. In succession, this course will explore the work of Muska Mosston's Spectrum of Teaching Styles, Bloom's Taxonomy, Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick's Habits of Mind, and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.  


M5:  Writing Successful Dance Funding Proposals (February 4 to March 17, 2019)

Professor: Jane Bonbright; Tuition $285; 1.5 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs; 6 weeks; This course takes the dance professional (OPDI student) on a journey that begins with understanding the basic sections required in a funding proposal, reflecting on one’s own institutional funding needs to develop the content in the funding proposal, and then articulating that content into the components of a full funding request. The course provides you a basic structure for writing proposals that is applicable to most private and public corporate and family foundations and state and federal grants. Writing any funding proposal is a learned skill and it improves with experience. Success builds success and, eventually, funders too learn who is a good investment, and who is not. It can take several years to earn this reputation; however, it is well worth the effort. Writing funding proposals is perhaps only one of several multipronged approaches to acquiring external funding; however, proposal writing requires considerable expertise. Money is always a scarce commodity; thus, funding proposals are always highly competitive! Writing proposals is a delightful challenge and it can be a whole lot of fun!  Students are advised to bring samples of grant opportunities with them for direct application, if available. Otherwise, real-life grants will be used as samples and assignments. 

How to Register for a Course:
To register for an OPDI course just log into your NDEO member account at  and proceed to the drop down menu under your name in the top right corner, then click on the Profile link, then on Access OPDI link within your Profile to find all the courses that are open for enrollment. Click on the Enroll icon and proceed to register and pay for the course.

Melissa Greenblatt
NDEO Managing Director
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