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"An Unexpected Homecoming" by Laura Halm (NEW Gues...
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"I callously once said that the only job I would come back to Baltimore for would be to take over the Dance Department at School for the Arts. At the time, I didn’t really know what that meant. But being here now, and facing the beautiful onslaught of a public performing arts high school environment, I do. I am here to help young people discover who they are, help lay foundations for careers in any field, and cultivate pathways to new definitions of success, so that these students may find their own version of what it is that fulfills them as artists, but most importantly, as human beings."

In this season of fresh starts and new beginnings, Laura Halm, Dance Department Head at Baltimore School for the Arts, explains how a long and winding career brought her back home to discover her true calling. Read more here
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