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Deadline 1-17-19: Register for OPDI-103 Assessment...
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NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) – Spring 2019 - Online Courses for Dance Educators

Deadline to Register & Pay is this Thursday, 1-17-19, for OPDI-103 and OPDI-106 as courses begin next Monday.

OPDI-106: Choreographic Explorations in Dance Since 1953

(January 21 to April 14, 2019)

Professor: Naima Prevots; Tuition $500; 3 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs; 12 weeks; 3 Undergraduate Credits available from University of North Carolina / Greensboro (UNCG course # DCE 446) for additional $495. This course covers choreographers working in modern, ballet, hip hop, tap, and cultural forms since1953 and takes a thematic rather than chronological approach, allowing for close study of feeling, form, and historical context. Themes include: Non-narrative dance; Myth; Gender; Culturally Specific Explorations; Social and Political Commentary; Music. Do you want to better understand the values, ideas, social events, and cultural influences inspiring today’s concert dance choreographers? Do you want to integrate your work in dance with other disciplines such as literature, visual art, theatre, music, history, women’s studies, and African and Asian studies? Do you want to inspire your students with new ideas for dance projects? Emphasis is on viewing numerous works rather than extensive readings and on finding fresh applications to a wide variety of teaching situations. Artists covered include Alwin Nikolais, Erick Hawkins, Christopher Wheeldon, George Balanchine, Bill T. Jones, Lucinda Childs, Doug Varone, and many others. 


OPDI-103: Foundations for Assessments in Dance

(January 21 to April 14, 2019)

Professor: Dr. Rima Faber; Tuition $500; 3 NDEO-Endorsed CEUs*; 12 weeks; ^3 Graduate Credits available from University of North Carolina / Greensboro (UNCG course # DCE 645) for additional $495; To qualify for Graduate Credits student must have completed a Bachelor’s degree. This course is based on authentic assessment experiences that you can use in your dance classes. Some questions explored are: What is assessment? What functions do assessments serve? How are different types of assessment tools developed and used? How can assessments measure student learning and growth? This course helps teachers understand their students using formative, summative and authentic assessments. Students will use a wide variety of assessment techniques, tools, and instruments to support their learning process, build their own assessments in dance, and construct traditional educational testing instruments. Previous understanding of national, state, or district dance standards is helpful. Consider the following: 1) Grants are now requiring assessment procedures that are academically sound, 2) Most dance educators have never been trained to clearly determine student achievement nor learned how to foster improvement through assessments techniques, 3) For teachers who received certification a good while ago, assessment procedures have changed greatly in the past decade, especially for dance educators, and 4) New teacher evaluation systems being considered by many states are based on proof of student learning. Required Book: Popham, W. James. (2017) Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know. 8th Ed. Boston: Pearson. Recommended book: Brookhard, Susan M. How to Create and Use Rubrics for Formative Assessment and Grading, VA: ASCD. (2013). Both books can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Other Spring 2019 Courses –


OPDI-101: Introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA)


OPDI-116: Harkness Center for Dance Injuries: The Applied Science of Dancer Health & Injury Prevention


OPDI-M1: Dance Pedagogy - Learning Styles and Theories


OPDI-M5:  Writing Successful Dance Funding Proposals 


OPDI-112:  Implementing the New National Core Arts Standards in Dance


OPDI-M12: Jazz Dance Theory and Practice


To view descriptions of Spring 2019 courses, go to


Next Steps:


1)     Want to Become an OPDI Student?  If you have never filled out the OPDI application and paid the $25 app fee (free for NDEO members), and you want to take OPDI courses, then you will need to complete the online application and pay the fee at  If you are a current NDEO member, then you can apply to OPDI for free as long as you are logged in to the website.  If you are already an OPDI student, you do NOT have to fill out the application again.


2)     What is the NDEO membership policy for OPDI Students?  All accepted OPDI students must have a current "individual" Membership in NDEO (Professional, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student, Retiree or PhD/EdD Membership) before they can register for courses. If the institution where you are the main contact has a current NDEO Institutional Membership and you want to register for an OPDI course, please let me know so I can set up your OPDI Membership which is free to you as the main contact.  To sign up for an NDEO membership go to The annual dues for our most popular membership, the Professional Membership, are $115.


3)     How do I register for a course? Go to and login to your individual NDEO Membership with your user name and password.  Then navigate to the Profile link in the drop down menu under your name top right corner.  Once in the Profile section you will see a link to Access OPDI. Click on that to see the list of courses open for enrollment. Click on the Enroll icon for the course you want to register for.  Follow the prompts and pay the tuition by credit card at the end.  



Melissa Greenblatt
NDEO Managing Director
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