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Headaches & Puberty
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It has recently been brought to my attention that some of my students experience headaches when doing movements like cambré back. All students are eating, drinking, and sleeping well. The only common denominator is that each student who has expressed discomfort are 14 years old and have not yet begun menstruating. Upon realizing this common denominator, I asked several other students who are no longer 14 if they experience headaches. Each said something similar, that when menstruation began their headaches began steadily decreasing.

Has anyone come across this in their students or in research? I know puberty can be a very private matter. However if the delayed onset of puberty for dancers is causing these headaches and there is a way to relieve or decrease the pain, I believe it best to find the answer and educate students.

Thank you for your time,

~ Mariah
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