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OPDI Spring 2019 - Online Dance Ed Courses - Regis...
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NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI)

Spring 2019 OPDI Courses Now Open for Registration

Download Spring 2019 Course Descriptions

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OPDI-103: Foundations for Assessments in Dance (UNCG Graduate Credit optional - must have bachelors degree)


OPDI-106: Choreographic Explorations in Dance Since 1953 (UNCG Undergrad Credit optional)


OPDI-101: Intro to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA)


OPDI-116: Harkness Center for Dance Injuries: The Applied Science of Dancer Health & Injury Prevention


OPDI-M1: Dance Pedagogy - Learning Styles and Theories


OPDI-M5: Writing Successful Dance Funding Proposals 


OPDI-112: Implementing the New National Core Arts Standards in Dance


OPDI-M12: Jazz Dance Theory and Practice



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