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How to be an advocate for dance education
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About Richard Bell:


The author of the guide to advocacy for NDEO is a Washington DC based researcher, editor, author, and online communications expert.  Richard Bell pioneered the use of email and online communities for the Democratic Party, has done opposition and policy research for national level candidates, and was the Blogmaster for John Kerry's presidential campaign. A sought-after editor, Bell often researches and revises books, chapters, and articles for leading organizations, especially in the environmental arena. He has written books, book chapters and articles, including coauthoring NUKESPEAK: Nuclear Language, Myths, and Mindset (Sierra Books, 1982), which won the George Orwell Award. 

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From the guide:


Understanding politics and paying attention to what our elected officials are doing is not a luxury. The policy and budget decisions that these officials make end up circumscribing the universe of possibilities open to us as dance educators, and can easily prevent children from ever coming into contact with dance during their education. In the end, our success comes down to the willingness of each and every one of us to carve out space in our always-overcrowded agendas, and make sure that our friends, our communities, and our elected officials understand, and never forget, why every child should be dancing...



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