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Dance Education Research Conference 1, 2005 on DEL...
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The proceedings for Dance Education Research Conference 1, 2005: Research in Dance Education: Defining Terms, Modes of Inquiry, and Exposition, June 22-23, 2005, Temple University Center for Research in Dance Education is available as full text on DELRdi. This conference followed the completion of the first stages of The Research in Dance Education Project  and creation of the Research in Dance Education database (RDEdb), now known as DELRdi ( Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index). Proceedings include conference schedule, and conversations/discussions from each working session addressing: research methods, research techniques, and essential characteristics. List of 27 attendees is also included. To access this document, after signing into NDEO website, type NDEO Conference Proceedings in title field on DELRdi search page and type 2005 in both the start date and finish date fields, and submit search. DELRdi search page is found

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