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Call for Papers: Dance & Work~ DEADLINE EXTENDED! ...
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Dance and Work, Special Issue

Research in Dance Education
Dr. Doug Risner, Associate Editor

Deadline Extended: JUNE 15, 2018

Dance and Work  
There is an increasing diversity in careers and in workforce development in dance and dance education. Dancers are often teachers and may develop portfolio careers. Work tends to be mobile, transnational and transient. Boundaries blur between what is work and what is life. This special call for papers is concerned with the current landscape of dance and work and can relate to pedagogy, sociology, theatre/performance studies, teaching artistry, labor, body studies, dance adjacent professions and/or dance science. This Call for Papers asks:

Is there really a calling to dance?
How do we and others view and treat our bodies in dance socially and politically?
What are current working conditions and expectations for those working in dance?
What is the place of dance in the school curriculum and how might this affect dance development in the future?
How do we ensure longevity in the dance profession as a dancer/ practitioner/teacher/teaching artist/choreographer?

For this special issue, we invite papers addressing issues that might include (but are not limited to) the following:

Celebration of dance and work;
Consideration of the future of dance education related to curriculum, vocational, health, artistic and/or performance agendas across different ages, stages, contexts/institution, and across the life span;
Examination of notions of sustainability philosophically, socially, technologically, pedagogically and economically;
Exploration of opportunities for workforce development for dance enablers in the future;
Engagement with socio-political, strategic and ecological futures;
Discussion of collaborative, interdisciplinary working practices, knowledge exchange and impact;
Examination of work and labour in web-based, distance and online education;
Analyse future technologies, synergies and opportunities for dance education.

Theoretical, empirical and practice-based articles using mixed modes of enquiry will be considered.

Deadline for paper submission is 15 JUNE 2018.

We seek contributions of ideally 5,000 to 8,000 words addressing any of these issues and focusing on dance and work in dance and dance education settings. Papers by previously unpublished authors will be eligible for consideration for the Linda Rolfe New Writers Prize. The New Writer’s Prize is an open competition and the winning article will be printed in the journal and receive a prize bundle. Two/three articles will be shortlisted but only one prize will be awarded. Unsuccessful New Writer’s articles can be resubmitted and considered under the normal review process for the main journal. Please indicate if you wish to enter when you submit your paper by selecting “New Writers Prize” as the manuscript type. 

Manuscripts should be submitted online at the Research in Dance Education Manuscript 
Central site at

Doug Risner, PhD
Distinguished Faculty Fellow|Professor of Dance
Wayne State University 
Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre & Dance
3226.1 Old Main
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

For further information on the journal and Instructions for Authors, please visit the journal’s dedicated website

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