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Barre a Terre in NYC
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Dear Dancers,
Happy, Healthy and Creative 2018!
I am so happy to announce NEW CLASSES in NYC for this year!
A big hug, Anabella

BARRE A TERRE (Open Level)
at Peridance Center (126 East 13th Street, between 3rd and 4th Ave, New York)

* TUESDAYS: 7:30- 9pm
* WEDNESDAYS: 10am- 11:30am
* FRIDAYS: 10am- 11:30am

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Find your inner-strength; develop & improve alignment and technique; explore and learn how to efficiently use your body and your energy in a healthy way as instruments of your expression. Through this class, you can increase flexibility and strength, overcome physical difficulties and incorrect posture, and acquire physical awareness to help prevent injuries. Open to all levels of experience.

WHY STUDY BARRE A TERRE? To know more read Anabella’s Article:
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