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JODE Call for Papers: Dance Education and Responsi...
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The 2018 Special Issue of the Journal of Dance Education will focus on Dance Education and Responsible Citizenship across dance education sectors. The full call for papers is attached. For questions or additional information, please contact Karen Schupp (

Journal of Dance Education
Special Issue: Dance Education and Responsible Citizenship
Deadline: December 18, 2017
Guest Editor: Karen Schupp, MFA (

Studying dance requires students to develop a clear sense of self-responsibility and group responsibility; to contribute to building communities as they learn; to understand how dance and dance education react to shifting social, political, and cultural norms; and to cultivate a sense of informed inquiry and action. These capacities are essential to dance learning and the success of dance professionals while also related to the aptitudes of responsible citizenship. Responsible citizens understand the communities in which they exist, work to improve their communities, act in ways that promote equity, recognize their own political values, and participate in democratic processes; they are informed and proactive.

In democracy, citizenship carries specific obligations and privileges, most notably, the right to participate in decision making about governmental representation and policies and the civic responsibility to better one’s community. Yet, not all citizens civically engage. Some may feel ill prepared to make informed decisions or take action, while others are systemically disenfranchised, and still others are apathetic or uncertain of their own political values. Foregrounding the development of responsible citizens through dance education can provide ways to increase students’ comfort in participating in democratic processes and civically engaging in their communities, thereby situating dance artists, dance educators, and dance professionals as change makers inside and outside of the dance studio.

Manuscripts that specifically address the implication of these ideas for the PK-12 Dance Education Sector are encouraged.

Before submitting a manuscript for possible publication, authors should consult the online version of the Journal of Dance Education's Instructions for Authors for the most up to date policies, procedures, and requirements. These are available at:

All submissions should be submitted electronically via the Taylor & Francis ScholarOne link:

Only finished articles will be considered. Articles may be one of two types: 1) Shorter articles: In Practice (1,500-3,000 words), or 2) Longer articles: Feature Articles (4,000-6,000 words). Please indicate that the manuscript is for the Special Issue when submitting to ScholarOne, and contact Karen Schupp ( with questions regarding the Special Issue.
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