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From Narric Rome at AftA:

As you know, the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state planning processes are underway. As part of our commitment to serving the field, the Americans for the Arts’ Government Affairs team has been working to better understand the law, the guidance put forward by the U.S. Department of Education, the planning process happening in states across the country, and better understanding the role of the arts in this new chapter of education in America. Like you, we consider ESSA implementation to be a priority for arts education across the country – and a major opportunity in each state!


Earlier this summer, we produced two introductory webinars for our members to learn the ins and outs of the new law: our first webinar,Getting to Know ESSA”, and to learn more about the opportunities for state action, our second webinar, “What's Next for ESSA in Your State—Strategies for State Arts Education Leaders”.


Over the course of the last 6 months, we have traveled the country and worked with leaders from many states to better understand the work and how we can be of assistance. As a result, we have created a new series of on-demand webinars“Every Student Succeeds Act Implementation Progress” to provide timely and relevant information as states begin their state planning processes. The three on-demand webinars are:


Forming A Team

As federal regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) are released, it is critical for arts education leaders to work together in order for the arts to be a part of the ESSA state planning conversation and process. Join fellow arts and education leaders, who have already formed state and local arts education coalitions and working groups, and hear about their top takeaways in forming relationships and strategies.

Speakers: Ann Brown, Tennessee Arts Commission; Leon Kuehner, Iowa Alliance for Arts Education; AmySue Mertens, Ingenuity


Crafting the Ask

Compelled by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states are now responsible for the implementation of education, including arts education. The transition can be confusing—what will these state plans look like? State-level arts and education leaders have a unique opportunity to come together to craft the right ask for decision makers' support. Learn more about Florida's trainings and resources to its statewide networks, Michigan's Arts Education Summit, and Ohio's ESSA policy one-pagers for arts educators.

Speakers: Sherron Long, Florida Cultural Alliance; Sarah Triplett, Creative Many Michigan; Tim Katz, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education


Accountability Systems

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, each state is required to submit a state accountability system to the U.S. Department of Education by 2017. The research shows that the arts can play a role in state accountability systems through a multitude of paths. Learn more about New Jersey's inclusion of the arts in its state report cards; how the Connecticut Department of Education included “arts and creativity" as a new indicator in its new state accountability system; and how the Kentucky Department of Education holds reviews to hold schools' Visual and Performing Arts programs accountable.

Speakers: Dale Schmid, NJ Department of Education; Jackie Coleman, CT Department of Education; Kyle Lee, KY Department of Education.


We hope that these webinars are beneficial for your advocacy work. For other ESSA-related resources, please check


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