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New Guest Blog Post by Jenn Eisenberg
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New Guest Post on NDEO’s Behind the Curtain Blog

Why We Teach You 

By Jenn Eisenberg, Teaching Artist, National Dance Institute


“As educators, we are trained to be flexible. As K-12 dance teachers, teaching in gyms, studios, cafeterias, and beyond, all the more so. Though there has been an adjustment to teaching on Zoom, in GoToMeeting, in Google Classrooms, etc. etc. etc., we are doing this. We are following through and showing up for the children who need us, an anchor to normalcy, an anchor to the reality that we will return to. More than ever, they need to move, sweat, dance, smile, feel, and express. We must continue showing up. If our video is less than perfect, with cats walking through, or shot in a tiny apartment space, with sound that is imperfect or an arm that is cut out of the shot, because of our at-home, solo, flawed video skills, so be it. At least they will dance. At least they will be more human and see our humanity too. Our students will find more compassion-and so will we.”

In this guest blog post, Jenn Eisenberg reflects on the necessity of connecting with students online during the COVID-19 pandemic, in spite of the challenges of online teaching. Read more here  

About the Author: 

Jenn Eisenberg  (BA, Marymount Manhattan College, NYS Certified Dance Teacher) is a Senior Teaching Artist with National Dance Institute, based in New York City. Jenn has been instrumental in developing curricula and leading training for sequential programs and teaches over 700 dancers each week. Jenn co-founded BOLD Arts, with programs around the tri-state area. She has facilitated workshops on behalf of NDI for ABT, DEL, NDEO in 2018 and 2019, The Arts in Education Roundtable and Community Word Project. Jenn has consulted and developed programming for House of the Roses, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, All Saints Day School, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, National Dance Institute New Mexico and worked on Creative Galaxy, a children's television show. Jenn has performed with various modern dance companies and in children’s theater. 

Call for Guest Bloggers:

We are currently seeking guest bloggers, with a special call to those who can provide insight into teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak: online teaching methods, emotional learning and support through dance, wellness and stress-reduction practices for teachers and students, injury prevention for at-home learners, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the guest blogger program or submitting an article for consideration, please email Shannon Dooling-Cain at
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