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New Guest Blog Post on Haitian Folkloric Dance
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New Guest Post on NDEO’s Behind the Curtain Blog

Demystifying the Haitian Folklore through Dance Pedagogy and Performance Art

By Weiselande 'Yanui' Cesar, Executive Founding Director and Choreographer of TLL, Inc

I started teaching dance with the mindset that movements must be purposeful and healing, besides being beautiful through the eyes of the beholder. So as we move to the vibrational soulful sounds of drums, the body receives these vibrations and elicits specific energies and/or vibes and moods. Depending on how receptive one is to those energies, vibes, or moods, the healing process and heightened creativity can be experienced fully. One may absolutely embrace this process or reject it and shy away. To master the style, one must go through a healing process.” 

In this guest blog post, Weiselande 'Yanui' Cesar discusses issues related to Haitian folkloric dance, including the movement and rhythms, the process of demystifying folk dances through deductive reasoning, and the "Yanui Technique,” which she developed based in the Haitian Yanvalou dance. Read more here.

About the Author: 

Weiselande Yanui Cesar is a mother, educator and the Executive Founding Director of Tradisyon Lakou Lakay Inc. TLL is in residency at Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC). Under the direction of Ms. Cesar, the performance group, TLL Dance Ensemble was cast in the Jason Derulo music video Colors. TLLDE also opened shows for Wyclef Jean, Tabou Combo, RAM, to name a few. Ms. Cesar is the author of self published books "The Colors We Feel" and "Loving Thyself: Discovering the Spirit Within", which can be found on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. She also forged her way and was successful in getting the TLL Concert Series commissioned to be presented at two different venues. Ms. Cesar served as a grant panelist for the Florida Department of Cultural Affairs for two consecutive years. Currently residing in Miami, Ms. Cesar is pursuing a Ph.D degree in Human Services Public Health from Walden University. This evolving artist, when not working, can be found traveling, spending time with family, enjoying home decorating, cooking, reading, writing and gardening. Ms. Cesar holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Theater, a Master's of Science in Exceptional Student Education and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Barry University.

Call for Guest Bloggers:

We are currently seeking guest bloggers, with a special call to those who can provide insight into teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak: online teaching methods, emotional learning and support through dance, wellness and stress-reduction practices for teachers and students, injury prevention for at-home learners, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the guest blogger program or submitting an article for consideration, please email Shannon Dooling-Cain at
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