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New York Times Reporter - Story Idea
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This is an email that we received. I am sharing with the membership.  Please contact her if you are interested.

My name is Julia Jacobs and I'm an arts reporter with The New York Times. I'm reaching out to see if you might be able to help me with a story about dance studios & young dancers during the coronavirus. I was an avid dancer throughout my entire childhood/adolescence, and I know how gutting it is to have anything stand in the way of a competition or a performance.

I have an idea to do a story focusing on one dance troupe that is still trying to rehearse virtually in anticipation of an important competition that has not yet been cancelled. Perhaps a competition in July or August that is still up in the air. I'm hoping to capture what dance rehearsal is like in the age of this pandemic & the uncertainty around the competition circuit right now.

Could you possibly point me in the direction of a dance troupe like this? Could be any age, from anywhere in the country. And if you're on a list serv or Facebook group with dance teachers/studio owners, perhaps you could share my message? They can reach me via email at or on my cell at 224-456-6644.

Thank you so much. Take care and stay healthy!
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