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Link Updated: New Guest Blog Post
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The link to our latest guest blog post has been updated below. You can also access the post directly at this link:

New Guest Post on NDEO’s Behind the Curtain Blog

Stability of the foot and ankle: the impact of daily habits on dance training 

By Allegra Romita and Nancy Romita

As you read this, freeze. Hold the position in which you currently find yourself. Do not adjust anything. Without judgment or shifting, notice the position of both feet. … 

Stabilization of the ankle and foot is crucial for injury prevention and enhances the potential for efficiency in action. 65% of dance injuries are related to habitual mis-stacking of the skeletal structure (Liederbach, 2018). It stands to reason that conscientious awareness to distribute the load of the foot develops the foundation for the stacking of the skeletal structure. Unconscious habits in standing, sitting, or how you hold your feet while driving a car can either support the stability needed for the rigors in dance training or it can insidiously compromise it.”

In this guest blog post, Nancy Romita and Allegra Romita examine a Functional Awareness® approach to stabilizing foot and ankle using visualizations & applications for embodied anatomy explorations that can integrate into technique training. Read more here

About the Authors: 

Nancy Romita (MFA, AmSAT, RYT), is Senior lecturer Towson University, Director of Alexander Technique Mid Atlantic Teacher Training, and co-author of Functional Awareness Anatomy in Action for Dancers. 

Allegra Romita (MA, CMA, RYT) is Dance Education faculty at NYU Steinhardt and currently pursuing a second graduate degree in motor learning and control at Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. She is co-author of Functional Awareness Anatomy in Action for Dancers. 

Call for Guest Bloggers:

We are currently seeking guest bloggers, with a special call to those who can provide insight into teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak: online teaching methods, emotional learning and support through dance, wellness and stress-reduction practices for teachers and students, injury prevention for at-home learners, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the guest blogger program or submitting an article for consideration, please email Shannon Dooling-Cain at
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