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Special Interest Groups

This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the info link icon   to view additional information about the interest group.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer members with special interest areas a community to address common concerns and develop solutions. SIG members can participate in online discussion forums.

This Advocacy SIG is open to all NDEO members interested in dance education advocacy. We are dedicated to building a powerful and informed community of advocates for dance education.

The SIG consists of dance educators who serve dancers with various abilities. We discuss and act upon the issues facing the field and exchange philosophy and different methods of teaching.
Pamela VanGilder

The Early Childhood SIG is comprised of NDEO members who are dance educators teaching ages 0-5 in all venues, or educators/administrators interested in dance for early childhood.

The K-12 SIG is a meeting, networking, and sharing group of K-12 dance educators who use proven research-based and child-centered teaching practices.

The SIG consists of postsecondary educators who identify and discuss practical issues concerning higher education and how NDEO members can facilitate action plans when needed.
Rebecca Valls

The Private Sector SIG discuss issues relevant to those working in and involved with private studios. We meet to share best practices on how to prepare our students for both performance and college.

The SIG exists to help those with needs for research in the dance education field. We receive input from other NDEO committees and aid them in answering their questions and implementing research.

The SIG unites the students in NDEO and future leaders of the field. The group is open to all NDEO student members to discuss their interests and to explore their career options after graduation.

The Performing Arts Organization SIG is for educators and administrators who work in the dance education department of a performing arts organization.

The Men in Dance SIG is for members interested in discussing issues related to men in dance.

NDEO's Dance & Equity SIG is designed for members of NDEO looking to critically investigate and address the issues impacting diversity in dance in relationship to - race, culture, socio-economic status, and access. If you are inspired to join the conversation exploring these issues please join.
Nancy T Ng