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Motif Notation Literacy through the Language of Dance Approach - Your Move, Your Choreography

Against a pink background a black squiggle of a line, a pair of reading glasses, and LOD motif drawings.

Professor: Beth Megill

Tuition: $520 member / $595 non-member

12 Weeks; 3 NDEO-Endorsed PDCs

How do we refresh our choreographic dance making and that of our students? How do we find new ways of exploring meaning making through our movement? The Language of Dance® (LOD) approach—created and developed by Ann Hutchinson Guest—is a comprehensive system of dance literacy that bolsters the dance artist’s and dance educator’s practice.

LOD provides deep awareness, meaningful understanding, enriched embodiment, precise language for communication, effective tools for analysis, and a playful means for generating movement and documenting it. This course takes the dance professional on a journey of self-discovery through meaningful dance creation using the lens of the LOD. Over the next twelve weeks, you will be exposed to LOD literacy processes while gaining familiarity and foundational fluency using the building blocks of motif notation. Employing graphic representation for dance making offers key insights into your aesthetic preferences and comfortable patterns in your body and new approaches and inspirations that emerge out of your exploration with course content.

The tools found in the LOD approach to using motif notation to choreograph provide potential for a lifetime of infinite creative explorations for dance making. This course provides a bridge between cognitive awareness and embodied experience, opening a door to the world of making, notating, and reading notated dances. It is organized to deliver composition and dance notation experiences that are creative and interactive with the aim of achieving meaningful dance making and personal transformation.

Book required: Your Move (Second Edition) by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Tina Curran at

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Professor Bio

Beth Megill, MFA, LOD® Teacher Trainer, teaches a variety of dance styles at Moorpark College in Southern California. She is interested in the role of dance literacy in Higher Education and the presence of dance notation and theory to support dance as an area of research at colleges and universities. She has co-authored the first adoptable online dance appreciation course and continues her work on utilizing LOD for teaching both general education and dance major courses. She enjoys writing about independent dance performances for and making dances for her modern, jazz, theater fusion company, Megill & Company.

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