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Conference 2023 Health & Safety

NDEO is committed to protecting all our members, especially those most vulnerable and/or those living or working with vulnerable individuals. Our organization strives to provide its members a safe and healthy conference experience.

Covid-19 or flu diagnosis

If you have tested positive for covid-19 or the flu in the week before conference you may NOT attend conference until you receive a negative test result or are cleared by a medical professional. If you have a known close exposure to covid-19, the flu, or another contagious disease in the week before conference please test and confirm you are not sick before attending conference. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a possible infectious disease, please confirm with a medical professional that you are not contagious before attending conference. If you are unable to attend conference due to a contagious disease diagnosis, please contact for refund information.


NDEO strongly recommends that all attendees stay up to date on eligible vaccinations, especially those protecting against covid-19 and the seasonal flu.

Masking at conference

While masking is not required, we do ask that any attendees experiencing any respiratory symptoms wear a high-quality mask while attending conference to help keep the community safe.

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