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Complete Your Covid-19 Vaccine Verification

Required Action to Attend the 2022 NDEO National Conference

Please Complete by: 10/21/22

Thank you for registering for NDEO's 2022 National Conference in Atlanta, GA. As we get closer to the event please take some time to download the Bindle Mobile app and complete your Covid-19 Vaccine Verification. 

You will be required to show proof of completing this step prior to being checked in at the registration desk. You can review all up-to-date Covid-19 protocols here

*If you do not have a smartphone or tablet to download the Bindle Mobile app, please email to arrange an alternative vaccine verification method. 

Getting Started with the Bindle Mobile App

What you will need in order to verify:

  • Access to your phone's camera - you will need to take a photo of your self to verify your identity 
  • Valid Identification
  • Your Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card

1.) Download the Bindle Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet

2.) Create your Bindle Account if you don't already have one (if you've used Bindle before for another event your information is already stored and can be updated if needed) 

3.) Upload your Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card (you will need to have this card on hand to upload an image for verification purposes)

Please note: you will need to upload each part of your vaccine record individually: meaning if you've received the 2-Dose Moderna/Pfizer vaccine, you will upload the card with valid dates corresponding with the first dose and then repeat for the second dose and any additional boosters. You can do this by clicking on the (+) sign on the "My Certificates" tab of the Bindle Mobile App

4.) After uploading your Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card and Information, use Bindle to Create Entry Pass for the "2022 NDEO National Conference" event

5.) NDEO staff will scan this Entry Pass at the registration desk upon your arrival

Step-by-Step Guide for Downloading and Setting Up you Bindle Profile

Creating Your Entry Pass

Once your Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card has been uploaded to your Bindle account please hit the "My Passes" button at the bottom of the app screen. Use the search icon to locate our event and type 2022 NDEO National Conference in the search field. Once you have found the event click "Create Entry Pass" at the bottom of the screen. This will generate a QR code that will need to be presented to NDEO staff for scanning when you arrive onsite for check in. 

View this short clip of Creating an Entry Pass

Claiming an Exemption

If you are claiming a medical or religious exemption please email to receive the form to upload your exemption information. You mustt claim your exmepiton prior to arriving onsite. Any onsite exmeptions will not be accepted. 

Those under a religious or health exemption will be required to submit a negative covid-19 PCR test 24-48 Hours prior to arriving at the conference. You will receive the form to upload the test results approximately 1 week prior to the event but test results dated more than 48 hours in advance of the conference will not be valid.
In the event of a health exemption, upload a signed letter or a written certification from a physician or other licensed health professional who may order an immunization, that being vaccinated or boosted for COVID-19 is medically inadvisable as a result of your health condition. You are not required to disclose the health condition.
In the event of a spiritual or religious belief that prevents you from being eligible for a vaccine, please upload a signed statement acknowledging that your sincerely held spiritual or religious belief prevents you from being eligible for a vaccine.

Need Assistance?

If you are having issues receiving emails from Bindle when verifying your account please check your Spam/Junk folder before contacting NDEO or Bindle for support.

Any issues or questions about the Bindle Mobile App can be directed to