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By Connie Bergstein Dow, Dance Educator and Author ~~ Over my long career as a dance educator, I have especially enjoyed teaching creative dance to young children. I love inspiring their enormous and fertile imaginations to explore ideas.....
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By Terrel, Author/Publisher at ~~ As the U.S. slowly opens up again, creative movement teachers will crave activities that keep each little dancer in their own separate space. Here are some ideas....
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Karen Forss Hogan, Director, Galliope Creative Movement. It's cringeworthy how seriously I took my job when I first started teaching early childhood dance twenty-five years ago. I was a try-hard with a catastrophic fear of falling short of my own expectations. You’d think two to five year olds were a population that wouldn’t stress me out, but like everything else, they did. When asked to teach a series of classes in a small rural preschool north of town, as customary, I over-prepared. I h...
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