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NDEO's "Behind the Curtain" Blog features articles written by NDEO members about dance and dance education topics as well as periodic updates on NDEO programs and services. This is a FREE resource available to ALL.

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By Dr. Christi Camper Moore, Assistant Professor of Dance at Ohio University ~~ However, amid ongoing burnout and stressors related to the pandemic, feelings of being stifled have presented a more urgent and unique challenge to students’ creativity. In dance major programs that also require students to take dance improvisation and/or composition courses, in tandem with technique courses, this can heighten disconnects between practice and process as students are asked to produce or explore creat...
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By Joy Guarino, SUNY Buffalo State College ~~ Dance at Buffalo State delivers a liberal arts education and embraces a civic and community engagement philosophy in all aspects of the program. In addition to rigorous studio training that enhances the physical experience of the art form, the diverse curriculum is designed to deepen students’ understanding of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic value of dance...
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By Emily Meisner, Director, NDEI Collaborative for Teaching & Learning ~~ I was twenty-three when I had my first job teaching dance to children in a New York City school. I naively figured that given my rigorous dance training and time in a professional company I was equipped to lead engaging classes for children. I spent many hours at night focused on the ‘what’ of teaching - What steps would I teach? What music would I use? What choreography would we create? I felt prepared once I had a very...
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By Connie Bergstein Dow, MFA ~~ One of my favorite ways to get children up and moving is to read a story, and then use ideas from the story as movement prompts. I have been using Read and Dance activities in my children’s dance classes for years, using a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction children’s books, as well as poems...
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By Maria Daniel, Creator of the Hip Hop Dance Experience Class and Founder of iDance Ministry ~~ Hip Hop dance has become one of the most well-known and recognized dance forms in the world.ii The clearest sign of the impact of the Hip Hop culture is its influence in shaping global issues and its impact on youth culture. Hip Hop is now an integral part of contemporary American society and thus warrants serious...
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By Cara Lavallee, Dance Director at the Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania ~~ “Tech” is such a buzzword these days that the title of this blog post might have made you involuntarily roll your eyes. I can assure you that the specific technology tool I will be sharing can be easily integrated into your dance classroom, and your students will have a blast...
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