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NDEO's "Behind the Curtain" Blog features articles written by NDEO members about dance and dance education topics as well as periodic updates on NDEO programs and services. This is a FREE resource available to ALL.

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By Jesse Katen, Owner of The Jesse Katen School of Dance ~~ For the past decade, I’ve had the joy of traveling as a professional dance competition judge, focusing mainly on special awards. I love nothing more than drawing attention to what young dancers do well and using that opportunity on the stage to teach...
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By Vanessa Finnegan, BFA, MAT ~~ In the summer of 2018, I attended Panpapanpalya, the most recent Dance and the Child International Conference (DaCi), in Adelaide, Australia. As a student and teacher of dance, and a choreographer looking to learn and expand her artistic practice, I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be there. People had come from all around the world to...
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By Amy Compton, BFA, MEd, Director of the Santa Fe High School Dance Program ~~ I decided to build an online curriculum that not only presented a history of Jazz dance, but also opened up a path to experiential exploration, agency, creative expression, and even social connection during a time of “social distancing.” I wanted to continue the critical thinking work we had established earlier in the year. I considered the social currency of learning social/vernacular dances...
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By Weiselande 'Tanui' Cesar, Executive Founding Director and Choreographer of TLL, Inc ~~ It is universally known that dance is a form of communication, and it is often considered to be the language of our soul. From a cultural context, dance and music are essentially the fabric of cultures. In many cultures, folk dances emerged from the day to day activities of the common people, and Haitian Folk dances are no different. Haitians are a group African descent people...
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By Lindsey McGovern, Owner and Director of Enchanted Dance Academy ~~ What even defines a “healthy body image” in this day and age? It’s nearly impossible to avoid feelings of insecurity--especially as a teenager--as we’re subjected to constant comparison through various growing forms of social media. While the modeling and fashion industries are certainly making strides to value all body types, insecurity in growing dancers is still all too prevalent--in part due to the mirrors surrounding ...
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