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By Rebecca Mayer, Assistant Professor of Dance at Western Wyoming Community College ~~ At my current institution, the dance and theatre programs are tightly interwoven, with the music program, as part of the Performing Arts Department. Because our musical theatre majors currently outnumber our dance majors, many of the 100-level dance classes (particularly tap and jazz) are populated by a majority of theatre students. These classes are required for the AA in Musical Theatre (and rightly so)...
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By Julie L. Pentz, Associate Professor of Dance. With contributions by Hannah Yeoman, senior undergraduate student in Dance and Wildlife Conservation with an emphasis in Biodiversity and Conservation ~~ Why is dance in your life, and how do you want to make a difference? How can your dance community benefit from your passion? How can you turn your dance passion and community involvement into meaningful research? Undergraduate students often search for ways to combine their love of dance with th...
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By Debra Guinta, Director of Design Dance in Chicago, IL ~~ Five years into running my business, Design Dance, I was still teaching 15 dance classes per week at studios in the suburbs to supplement my income. I was lucky because even though I was busy, teaching dance still fell under “doing what I loved”. The first class of Fall 2013...
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By Jenny Sehman, PhD, Director of Dance Education for National Dance Institute (NDI) at the Lighthouse Guild International, NYC ~~ I suffered tremendous insecurity right before teaching my first dance class for students with wide-ranging physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. The students quickly unburdened me of my self-doubt, however, as their instruction demanded focus, attention, and individualized responses to learning styles, leaving little room for wallowing in worry. They led me ...
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By Sonya Monts, Owner and Director of the Dancer's Extension, Saluda, NC ~~ This year has been very difficult for me, and I am grateful for the kind thoughts and support of so many NDEO members who have become my friends and colleagues in dance education. Dance, not only physically moving but also teaching happy children, has been crucial for me to work through the grief over the death of my husband, Thomas, to cancer, and also both of my maternal grandparents...
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