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By Shannon Dooling-Cain, NDEO Special Projects Coordinator ~~ At NDEO, we are keenly aware of the need for a strong and clear vision for the future of dance education. Such a vision helps to direct our current and future efforts in the field, ensuring that the work we do now will have a positive and lasting impact over time. Our organizational vision statement reflects our desire to foster a future that is inclusive and equitable, with an emphasis on accessible, high quality dance education...
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by Jessy Kronenberg & Lindsay Lindberg ~~ California has the largest number of K-12 students in the nation, with more than 6 million students and 300,000 teachers. The enormity of the state’s population, myriad rural and urban communities, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse population make California a unique state in which to pursue dance education as a career. In a field on the brink of exciting advancements in terms of equity, earnings, and advocacy, dance education in California...
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By Lindsay Daniels, Dance Teacher with the Durham District School Board ~~ Earlier in my career, I used to get this question often from parents. Although I knew the transformative and meaningful impact dance education can have, the masses just didn’t get it. From parents, to colleagues, students that were ....
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NDEO Staff | 07 Jul, 2021 | Advocacy | 0 Comments |
It goes without saying that 2020 was a year like no other in education, and we continue to face unique challenges in 2021. Dance teachers working in every sector of the field, from dance studios and community programs to universities and PreK-12 schools, demonstrated their adaptability, imagination, and persistence as they sought new ways to reach their students in the most challenging of times. Dance educators pivoted instruction in new and unforeseen ways, turning to virtual, hybrid, or social...
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By Gillian Ebersole, Education and Community Engagement Intern at Colorado Ballet~~When the pandemic hit, Movement Exchange pivoted from their in-person work to meaningful virtual counterparts. This transition happened swiftly because Movement Exchange focuses on centering dance around sharing cultural and embodied knowledge...
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By Hannah McCarthy, Dance Educator, Freelance Choreographer, Researcher~~The cancellation of American Ballet Theatre’s and New York City Ballet’s Fall Seasons may not have been the first of the year, but they were some of the first to be highly publicized and seal the fate of ballet for the rest of 2020. It’s as if the performing arts community knew this would happen all along...
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By Mary Bawden, Founder & Executive Director of DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited) ~~ It’s special to watch a young child put on their first pair of dance shoes at their first dance class and watch them anticipate their first performance. You, friends, already know that the research demonstrates that dance is a wonderful activity for children: improved academic performance, brain development, creativity, risk taking...
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By Stephanie Milling, NDEO Advisory Director of Advocacy ~~ Sometimes when people desire to advocate, they are overwhelmed by what they need to know in order to act. I have good news for you: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! While you need to know the advocacy basics that I discussed in my last blog post, It's the Season for Advocating: We Need Your Voice, you do not need to do independent research to be armed with the facts that will appeal to your advocacy target(s). All of the compe...
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By Katrena Cohea, Different Drummer Dance ~~ #ballerinafeet, #flexibilitygoals, Under Armour athletic wear campaigns and voting rights. These are just a few of the ways dancers have created buzz in the social media world, drawing attention to not only the wider dance industry and community, but to important missions, ideas and change inspiring movements. The pervasiveness of social media, viral videos and hashtags of the past few years have seemingly done the dance world good. Instagram, YouTub...
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