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By Hannah McCarthy, Dance Educator, Freelance Choreographer, Researcher~~The cancellation of American Ballet Theatre’s and New York City Ballet’s Fall Seasons may not have been the first of the year, but they were some of the first to be highly publicized and seal the fate of ballet for the rest of 2020. It’s as if the performing arts community knew this would happen all along...
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By Donna H. Krasnow and M. Virginia Wilmerding ~~ Dance training is at the heart of the art form of dance. All dancers can recall the teachers who had tremendous influence on their growth as young dancers and artists. The science known as motor behavior – an umbrella term for motor development, motor control, and motor learning – is having a stronger voice in helping teachers and dancers develop...
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By Bridgit Lujan, Central New Mexico Community College Dance Faculty ~~ Flamenco is a global dance form that offers many important concepts to teachers who are educating students in today’s inclusive dance programs. As a dance style that is often mislabeled and boxed into the category of heritage or narrative dance, flamenco is often overlooked as a traditional dance, rather than an evolving technique offering excellent teaching models for the diverse classroom. With influences from various wor...
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By Rebecca Mayer, Assistant Professor of Dance at Western Wyoming Community College ~~ At my current institution, the dance and theatre programs are tightly interwoven, with the music program, as part of the Performing Arts Department. Because our musical theatre majors currently outnumber our dance majors, many of the 100-level dance classes (particularly tap and jazz) are populated by a majority of theatre students. These classes are required for the AA in Musical Theatre (and rightly so)...
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