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By Maria Daniel, Creator of the Hip Hop Dance Experience Class and Founder of iDance Ministry ~~ Hip Hop dance has become one of the most well-known and recognized dance forms in the world.ii The clearest sign of the impact of the Hip Hop culture is its influence in shaping global issues and its impact on youth culture. Hip Hop is now an integral part of contemporary American society and thus warrants serious...
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By David Alexander, BS, MEd ~~ Like an anthropologist I like to study learning, and the learning behaviors of students and teachers in each situation. My studies seem to reveal components and a pattern to what it is individuals seem to do as they embark on a voyage of learning something new. That pattern might be used to inform pedagogy. First, consider the components inherent in your own process of learning something new, then apply it to
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By David Alexander, BS, MEd ~~ A wise, close friend shared that adage one day and I believed her. A well defined, persona sense of what it is that informs your teaching personality or style today is critical to being able to shape the continued development of that personal pedagogy, regardless of what you teach. Finding words which represent thoughts, ideas, and experiences...
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By Julie Hammond White, Dance Education Director, University of Southern Mississippi ~~ I am confident that my colleagues in academia would readily agree that our most significant and common goal in the education of our students, regardless of content area but particularly in the field of dance, is to fully prepare them to find success in their chosen profession...
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