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Visions for the Future of Dance Education, Part 2

In this blog series, we are celebrating our member’s diverse, creative, and inspiring visions for the future of dance education. We recognize that our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, dance experiences, and work environments that influence their perspectives on the dance field today and their aspirations for the future. Justice and equality, collaboration and connectivity, awareness of the benefits of dance education, and creating opportunities for dancers of all ages are just a few of the issues our members hope will be addressed as we move the field forward.

However, we are all brought together by our belief in the importance of #DanceEducationForAll. As our vision statement expresses:

The National Dance Education Organization envisions a nation that affords every citizen equal access and opportunity to quality dance arts education regardless of gender, age, race or culture, socio-economic status, ability or interest.

For nearly 25 years, we have worked with our members to bring this vision to fruition through our programs, services, and advocacy. Together, we now look forward to the future, to determine how we can do better by our vision statement. Where have there been gaps? Where have we fallen short? What else can we be doing, together, to create a rich, vibrant, inclusive future for the field of dance education? We recently asked our members to describe their unique vision for the future of dance education. In this second edition of our new blog series, “Visions for the Future of Dance Education,” we are offering just sample of the responses we received:

  • “The future of dance education will have space for all voices, and there won't just be one table that we are trying to get a seat at, but the tables are gone, and we are sitting in community with one another, and we continue to change places and postures as we sit together. We have the utmost curiosity for each other's experiences and perspectives, and the focus is on learning from one another, regardless of status, position, experience, or past.” -Kiri Avelar, Deputy School Director, Ballet Hispanico, New York
  • “I would love to see more activity from aging dancers. Aging adults are using movement to maintain healthy lifestyles more than ever before. I’m seeing it on social media frequently and would love to see NDEO embrace movement education for aging adults more fully.” -Vicky Clark, Dance Educator
  • “My vision for the future of dance education is to deliver aesthetic skills, knowledge, and values through dance education from K-12 and Higher Education as well as in communities.” -Juju Masunah, Professor, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • “As a full-time faculty member in the dance program at Cab Calloway School of the Arts, a public magnet arts school in Wilmington, Delaware, one of my passions is collaborating with the other arts areas to provide a well- rounded learning experience. Some of our program collaborations include visual arts, piano, steel drums, vocals, strings, and communication arts programs. As an educator, I am passionate about finding ways to branch out and connect with other arts areas to enhance my student’s learning as much as possible. While the dance program is already strong, we are more powerful when we work together to create unique performance opportunities. My vision for the future of dance education includes as much collaboration as possible. We can learn so much about one another and ourselves through these exciting opportunities!” - Tara Madsen Robbins, Full Time Dance Faculty, Cab Calloway School of the Arts in the Red Clay Consolidated School District
  • “Dance education in the future will be more diverse and expansive across genres. It will be a landing pad for students who are looking for a dynamic way to create, express, and challenge their own way of thinking. Dance education will prepare students to work with and understand technology advancements. This will create a channel to work with other creatives across the state and/or country. Dance education leads the way in creating student learners who are open to change, accepting of human differences, and creating new pathways to effectively make changes on the global stage.” - Kimberly Quick-Blount, Dance Teacher, Seventy-First High School, North Carolina

If you believe in #DanceEducationForAll and want to work with NDEO to bring to fruition this vision for the future of dance education, we invite you to join us! Become a member of NDEO today and unite with thousands of other dance educators striving to make the dance world more accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all! Learn more about NDEO membership and sign up here:

Read more from our members on their visions for the future of dance education here: Visions for the Future of Dance Education, Part 1

Are you a current member of NDEO? Share your vision for the future of dance education with us here:

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Photo courtesy of Kiri Avelar by Paula Lobo.

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