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5 Strategies to Grow Your Dance Studio with NDEO

For many dance studio owners, membership in a professional association like the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) can seem like a luxury. Profit margins can be slim, and the cost of doing business can be high. Especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, is vital that any investments made directly impact the growth and success of your studio. How can a membership organization help you meet your goals as a business owner?

NDEO provides tools and resources that will help you grow your business, and continue to provide a quality dance education experience for your students. For over 20 years, membership in NDEO has offered invaluable benefits for dance studio owners nationwide. When you join NDEO, you are making an investment in your business that can help you recruit and retain a vibrant student population. From marketing tools to educational resources to opportunities to recognize your students, NDEO has what you need to make 2020-2021 your most successful dance season yet! 

How can you use an NDEO membership to help grow your dance studio? Check out our 5 best strategies for studio success!

  1. Recognize your students by starting a chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. Yes, there is a dance honor society approved by the National Association of Secondary School Principals - and you can host a chapter right at your studio! The National Honor Society for Dance Arts, a program of NDEO, is designed to help dance programs recognize the outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement of their students in 6th-12th grades. When you become an institutional member of NDEO, you are eligible to start a chapter at your studio. Our online platform makes it easy to set-up your chapter and induct students. Student inductees receive a range of benefits, including the opportunity to:
    • Apply for the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award & Scholarship in their junior and senior year. 
    • Receive the NHSDA Graduation with Honors recognition. 
    • Wear the official NHSDA honor cords and/or Graduation with Honors medallion at graduation. (*Check with K-12 school administration for approval.)
    • Submit work for Dance Arts Now!, the official NHSDA publication.  
  2. Keep your teaching practices up to date. One of the best ways to keep students engaged and provide a safe and effective educational experience is to stay up on current research, trends, and developments in the industry. NDEO offers a number of ways to keep your teaching practice fresh and current.
    • Maintain a safe and engaging learning environment with NDEO’s Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts, which provide an industry standard for individuals teaching dance.
    • Network with and learn from other educators internationally via our members-only online forums and Special Interest Group virtual meetings. 
    • Learn from your living room with our Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI),* which offers accessible, affordable, high-quality classes in injury prevention, music for dance, choreography, teaching methods, and more. 
    • Attend our National Conference* to connect with other dance teachers while learning from leading experts in the field. The 2020 National Conference will be held virtually, making it more accessible and affordable than ever! 
    • Find support and inspiration for teaching online and running your business during the Covid-19 pandemic with our COVID-19 Resources, including free webinars and virtual Special Interest Group meetings.  
  3. Align your teaching practices with National Standards. Parents want their students to receive a safe and quality dance education experience. One of the best ways to reassure them is to teach according to nationally recognized standards, which outline what students should know and be able to do in the art of dance. NDEO has created several sets of innovative and effective standards for dance learning, which include the 2014 National Core Arts Standards in Dance, Standards for Dance in Early Childhood, and 2005 Standards for Learning and Teaching Dance in the Arts.
  4. Show your NDEO pride! Proudly display a membership sticker on the door of your studio or hang your member certificate in the lobby to let your community know that you are committed to quality dance education for all! We also offer NDEO and NHSDA logo gear!
  5. Be a leader in the field of dance education. When you join NDEO, you align yourself and your studio with a national group of like-minded teachers working for the advancement of dance education. Becoming a leader in the industry is not only an excellent way to give back, but it can also elevate your reputation and set your studio apart!
    • Submit your best practices for publication in NDEO’s Guest Blog Series, or in Dance Education in Practice and Journal of Dance Education. 
    • Share your work by submitting a proposal to present at one of our conferences. 
    • Shape the future by volunteering to serve on a committee or by running for a position on our Board of Directors.    

Want to learn more or get started with your membership? Visit our Membership page or email today!

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