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New Behind the Curtain Blog Post - Student Creating in the Classroom, “We could… or what about this!”

By Krista Brown, Freelance Teaching Artist ~~

Many veteran teachers know the voice that springs up when there is a lull in learning choreography. As I am scrolling through notes, if ever there is a quiet moment I often hear “we could…” or “what about this…” In my early years of teaching, I’d shoo it away and say, “that’s a nice idea” and proceed with my choreography notes. Whether this is how I feel the classroom is best managed, I think rests on something beyond just expectation setting for being a student of dance. Much of this pedagogical attitude rests on my upbringing where I learned to never offer my ideas or input until given the opportunity. This changed as I started attending summer intensives in high school where creating and improvisation were our core technical challenges...

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