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CONNECTIONS: PreK-12 Dance Education Summit January 20, 2024

CONNECTIONS: PreK-12 Dance Education Summit on January 20, 2024 - Registration is Now Open! Learn More

What is a Virtual Summit? A 1-Day mini-conference packed with live virtual sessions for dance teachers! Our Virtual Summit for PreK-12 Dance Educators will feature 10+ live virtual sessions for prek-12 dance teachers delivered across 5 different session blocks, including movement sessions, panel discussions, and paper presentations on various topics and for different prek-12 environments.

PreK-12 dance educators reach students in ways general educators may not. We connect with our students' bodies and minds holistically - socially through the learning process, emotionally as we consistently provide affirmation and feedback, physically by sharing dance skills, and mentally when we share our vast knowledge and build confidence in our youth.

PreK-12 dance educators have the unique opportunity to build college and career ready students by capturing their attention through shared experiences, a multitude of technological integration, as well as collaborative and self-directed learning tasks allowing them to experience music and culture, new ideas and perspectives, and personal growth that they may not otherwise have the chance to enjoy. It is not enough for us to reach the whole student by just communicating with the student.

Education is a journey for all, and dance is a unifying force. Engaging with your school community, local community, and most importantly the students’ families helps develop more connection and support for not just the dancer’s body but also their mind.