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Announcing New Strategic Plan and Revised Bylaws

The NDEO board and staff worked on several important initiatives in 2022, which were guided by the Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (JDEI) audit facilitated by our consultant Maryland Nonprofits.

View Revised Bylaws and New Strategic Plan

The NDEO policy board engaged in a robust review of the Bylaws with an eye on structure, cohesion, and updates to reflect JDEI efforts. Specific updates included an added section for members about membership categories, meetings, and voting, revised qualifications for serving on the board of directors and the advisory council, and updated language to reflect the infrastructure of the board of directors and the advisory council.

As a larger initiative, the organization immersed itself in a strategic planning process. We began with a request for proposals for consultants to guide this process from which the board selected Maryland Nonprofits. The selection for the consultant was based on the ongoing relationship with Maryland Nonprofits and their insight into our current work and facilitation of the JDEI audit. The strategic planning process was overseen by a representative workgroup of policy board members, advisory council members, staff, and the JDEI action and accountability committee. The process included gathering data through surveys to the membership, focus groups with members, board, and staff, and a market analysis. Through the next steps, the mission, vision, and values were revised, and the Strategic Priorities were identified.