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Join Us for a Webinar on 1/26 @ 7PM EDT: Disrupting Gender Assumptions: Challenging Cis-Heteronormative Narratives in Dance

In this webinar our esteemed panel of presenters will discuss their experiences as LGBTQIA+ identifying educators/artists and how they work to disrupt assumptions in their respective dance spaces. These panelists come from a range of backgrounds and will speak to different experiences based on their specific work environment. Topics covered in this webinar include; anatomy-first language, creating inclusive dance spaces and protocols for all dancers, challenging norms in the casting/audition process, and utilizing inclusive pedagogy throughout the learning process, in both K-12 and University settings. They will each share their perspectives and highlight work that is already being done in the field to address these contemporary issues. There will be a brief Q&A at the end to answer any questions submitted by the audience! 

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