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Chappelle, Music for Creative Dance Vol III (CD)
Chappelle, Music for Creative Dance Vol III (CD)
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Composer: Chappelle, Eric. Producer: Ravenna Ventures (1998). Volume III. This CD contains a wide variety of music styles, sounds, and contrasts in tempo, texture and much more. Suitable for all students.

Track Listing:
1. Dakota Dawn
2. Rock 'n Stop
3. Dancing Digits
4. The Bayou Both-Step
5. Raggedy March
6. Fiesta!
7. Breathe
8. Tambourine
9. Tempo Tantrum
10. Morning Fours
11. I Say, You Say
12. Fiddle Fantasy
13. Fairytale
14. Variations in Three
15. Mr. E
16. Celctic Suite
17. Skip the Jig*
18. Planxty Irwin*
19. Spootiskerry*
20. Potpourri III
*from Celtic Suite