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Chappelle, Music for Creative Dance Vol II (CD)
Chappelle, Music for Creative Dance Vol II (CD)
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Composer: Chappelle, Eric. Producer: Ravenna Ventures (2000). Volume II. This CD contains a wide variety of music styles, sounds, and contrasts in tempo, texture and much more. Suitable for all students.

Track Listing:
1. Whales
2. Bee Beat
3. Checkerboard
4. Weavers
5. Pizz.Ah!
6. Pharaoh's Waltz
7. Pathway Puzzle
8. Skippy Ska
9. Ski Reel
10. Pastorale
11. Caribbean Leaps
12. Little Bolero
Travel Notes--A Suite
13. American Fiddler
14. Andean Altitude
15. Saharan Campsite
16. Indian Incense
17. Balinese Mask
18. Koto Moment
19. Celtic Knot
20. Circular Journey
21. Potpourri II