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Photo by Dan Norman.Courtesy of Minnesota State University/Mankato.   
Invest in the Future of Dance Education!
Eighty-seven cents out of every dollar earned by NDEO is returned to the field in programs and services while only thirteen cents per dollar supports administrative costs. This is remarkable for any business. Every gift made to NDEO truly is an investment in the future of dance education! NDEO is thankful for all donations received.
As NDEO is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3), all gifts are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law. Tax benefits from charitable contributions vary depending upon the state in which you live. 

Thom Cobb Memorial Fund

Thom Cobb passed away suddenly on December 2, 2016. This fund honors Thom's dedication to dance education and his service to NDEO. Thom has been a member of NDEO since 2002. He served two, three-year terms on the Board of Directors and was President 2013-2016. As president, Thom oversaw the restructuring of the NDEO governance, worked with the organization to get more states to offer teaching certification in dance, oversaw Task Forces that included the development of the Priorities for Dance Education, and provided both leadership and direction to the NDEO Board of Directors and NDEO Membership. When elected Thom said, "I am very happy to serve in this position and give back to an organization that has given me, and my wife, so much," Cobb said. Donate Now



NDEO Works!


Planned Giving





Thank a Dance Teacher Day

Started in 2014 by NDEO to inspire fundraising and social action for dance education on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the goal of #ThankADanceTeacher is to financially support the professional development of dance teachers to impact teaching excellence in the field. NDEO urges dance enthusiasts of all kinds (dancers, students, teachers, dance dads & moms, fans, etc.) to participate in our #NDEOThankADanceTeacher campaign on November 29, 2016. Learn more about how you can contribute by going to or Donate Now

Bonbright OPDI Fund

Donations designated to support the ongoing growth of the Online Professional Development Institute. In honor of Founding Executive Director Jane Bonbright and her many years of dedicated service to NDEO. Donate Now


NDEO Works!

Donations of any amount to help facilitate the growth and financial stability of NDEO and help us keep pace with ever-increasing demands to expand and improve member services, programs and advocacy. Funds support day to day operations as well as our many programs such as the Evidence project for advocacy, the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, the Dance Education Literature & Research descriptive  index, and initiatives focused on the student population of NDEO, to name a few. Donate Now