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The National Dance Education Organization provides interns with practical and challenging experiences designed to offer meaningful learning experiences for young professionals interested in careers in dance education, research, legislation, policy and funding, advocacy, arts or non-profit business administration, marketing and publications, event planning, fundraising, finance and accounting, and membership. Internships are designed for highly motivated, independent, and mature graduate and undergraduate students who seek to understand dance arts education in relation to the national agenda of educational reform.


Full-time Internship programs may grant 2-6 college/university credits a semester for up to two semesters, depending on the program of study. Internships taken for credit are developed jointly by the student in liaison with the faculty advisor and the NDEO Executive Director. All full-time internship programs generally require 32-40 hours a week even if no credits are earned. Some part-time internships may be available upon special request. Both full-time and part-time internship programs are designed to meet the individual goals, interests, and abilities of the student. 


Interns do not have to be enrolled in school to apply to the program. NDEO does not charge a tuition fee for the internship; however, tuition fees paid to your educational institution may apply if you are a current student. NDEO does not offer paid internships or stipends. The NDEO staff may be able to assist in finding housing in the area; however, housing and transportation are the responsibility of the intern. 


Interest Area Tracks


While at NDEO, interns work with the Executive Director, esteemed professionals collaborating with NDEO on national and state initiatives, and NDEO staff on a variety of projects. Depending on our current needs and projects, NDEO can offer interns the opportunity to select an area of focus during their internship. Areas of focus include:

• Dance Education (standards, curriculum, assessments, teacher certification, competency standards, and professional development)
• Research
• Grant procurement and implementation
• Advocacy: legislation, policy and funding
• Arts administration/Business
• Finance and Accounting
• Marketing and Publications
• Graphic Design
• Conferences and Event Planning
• Fundraising
• Membership
Interns may combine multiple areas of focus to create a program that best fits their needs and interests.

Interns are given as much leeway as they are willing to accept to develop, implement and bring to successful completion projects of significant magnitude and importance. As a result, interns and projects executed are both often on the cutting edge of dance, arts and education. By the end of their internship, interns have had their hands on the pulse of dance arts education in the United States and they have developed a valuable understanding of dance arts education at national and state levels.


Application Requirements

To apply for the NDEO Intern Program you must be a member of NDEO. Please complete the Internship Application and submit the following materials:


• Cover letter with brief personal statement and outline of career goals
• Current resume citing the following: dance background, education, work experience, and relevant skills (computer skills, customer service, etc.)
• Two academic and/or professional letters of reference
• Two contrasting samples of writing

Submit the application and supporting materials to:

National Dance Education Organization
8609 Second Avenue, Suite #203-B
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Questions and initial inquiries may be emailed to Susan McGreevy-Nichols, NDEO Executive Director, at



Application Dates


Internships typically are offered by semester: Fall (September-December), Spring (February-May), and Summer (June-August). NDEO generally accepts only one intern per semester, and the application process is competitive. Prospective interns are encouraged to submit their applications six months before their anticipated start date.


For more information, call the office at 301-585-2880.



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