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Call for Articles on Two Topics
2015 K-12 Common Core & Beyond Ballet & Modern
Deadline for submission: January 15, 2015
For submission guidelines, click here.
Call for Papers
2015(3) Dance Educator Special Issue - Dance for Students with Disabilities
Deadline for submission: December 12, 2014
For submission guidelines, click here.

The Journal of Dance Education (JODE) is the official publication of the National Dance Education Organization. It serves artists, educators, scholars, and administrators in dance education.  JODE publishes original articles on topics and issues related to the practical and theoretical aspects of dance education and training. Special features have covered multiple intelligences, dance in private studios, technology, gender in dance, and more. 

A print and online subscription (including access to back issues) of
JODE is included with Professional, PhD/EdD Candidate, Institutional, Business and Graduate Student  memberships. High School, Undergraduate Students and Retirees can purchase JODE for an additional $25.

NDEO members can access past and current issues of JODE online through Taylor and Francis Online. You will need your Taylor and Francis username and password to login. If you are a current NDEO member and do not have your Taylor and Francis login information, please send an email to To access the online issues of JODE, click here.

On June 30, 2010, NDEO purchased JODE 
from J. Michael Ryan Publishers, Inc.  The new publisher and fulfillment house for the JODE is Routledge, Taylor and Francis.

If you have questions about a missing volume or if you want to order an extra copy of a particular volume, please contact Taylor & Francis at 325 Chestnut Street, Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106; 215-625-8900 x 771 (customer service);  or at
2014 Mailing Schedule:
Volume 14 (1) to be mailed on 3/11/14
Volume 14 (2) to be mailed on 6/6/14
Volume 14 (3) to be mailed on 9/5/14
Volume 14 (4) to be mailed on 12/4/14
2015 Mailing Schedule:
Volume 15 (1) to be mailed on 3/4/15
Volume 15 (2) to be mailed on 6/5/15
Volume 15 (3) to be mailed on 9/4/15
Volume 15 (4) to be mailed on 12/3/15


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Instructions for Authors

Call for Articles on Two Topics - 2015(4) 


Call for Papers - 2015(3) Dance for Students with Disabilities