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NDEO Board of Directors

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is a membership driven organization. Members have a strong voice in its work and governance. NDEO's Board of Directors is a working board and requires expertise in specific divisions that are integral to NDEO leadership and infrastructure in programs and services, and long term stability.

As of October 2015 the NDEO Board of Directors will consist of 5 Elected Officers (voting), 5 NDEO Policy Board of Directors (voting), and 15 NDEO Advisory Board of Directors (non-voting.) A Director often works with a committee and the divisions serve as training grounds for future leaders. This organization is for the members, by the members and of the members. Our members expertise and dedication invests in the future of dance education.

NDEO Board of Directors 2016-2017

Board Positions Open for Election in 2017

Deadline to Submit Nomination is Extended until May 15th 

Executive Board:

President Elect
Recording Secretary

Policy Board of Directors (2 positions)

Advisory Board of Directors:
Advisory Director of Student Initiatives
Advisory Director of Research
College Student Representative